What type of facial will fit your skin type?

facialPeople’s desire to have youthful, radiant, and glowing skin is what drives salon businesses to boom. Despite having facial treatment products you can readily use at home, a facial done by professionals and with the use of dependable salon equipment in Florida is still the best option for your skin.

Most beauty salons offer varied types of facials. And you should know that not all types of facials are compatible with every skin type. Once your clients come in and say they want to have a facial treatment, it is your duty as beauty enthusiasts to educate them on which facial would fit their skin type.

  1. Gold facial (All Skin Types)

    Gold as a skincare regimen originated from Japan. As you already know, gold is a precious chemical and a person’s face can get these benefits from a gold facial:

    • Reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, and spots
    • Stimulation of skin cells
    • Prevention of premature skin ageing
    • Lighten complexion
    • Treatment of sun damage and allergies
  2. LED Facial (Acne-prone skin)

    An LED facial is the best and most convenient remedy for those who have breakouts and inflammation on their faces. The blue light used during the session kills the acne-causing bacteria that lurks in people’s faces. This light also treats blackheads and whiteheads, and it aids in hastening the healing of the skin to close enlarged pores.

  3. Sensiglow Facial (Sensitive Skin)

    Most people with sensitive skin are afraid of going to the salon and getting a facial. Sensitive skin should not stop you from having your tired and dull faces from getting replenished. We can always choose to get Sensiglow facial which uses a special cream. This special cream is light on the skin but it cleanses harmful radicals in the area at the same time.

  4. Skin Lightening Facial (Dry and Dark Skin)

    Various factors like pregnancy, too much exposure to the sun, and medication can cause an uneven skin tone. When this happens, you can readily get a skin lightening facial to remedy this situation. Why? Because this type of facial lightens naturally dark skin and treats skin problems like freckles and scars.

  5. Collagen Facial (Dull and Ageing Skin)

    Collagen facial slows down the aging of the skin on your faces. It moisturizes the skin while rejuvenating and rehydrating it at the same time. Because of the salon equipment in Palm Springs, Florida that are used in salons and spas, a collagen facial could also soothe your nerves and aid in the repair of the cells in your skin.

  6. Diamond Facial (Dull and Dry Skin)

    A diamond facial is used to exfoliate the skin and to treat aging issues and skin flaws. Compared to other ingredients, diamonds are the most effective exfoliating agent for the skin. This process also helps to remove toxin and to oxygenate the face. Hence, cells in the face area regenerate and the aging of tour skin is mitigated.

Both the clients and the salon staff need to know these simple facts. With these, the facials given to clients would be more effective and the dollars that they pay would be worth it.

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