Flat Iron and Hair Damage Prevention: 5 Mistakes You Have...


Having a straight hair poses some amazing benefits. Perhaps, one of these benefits is that straight hair makes girls look more attractive. It frames your face and puts emphasis on the best features of your face. Another benefit is that straight hair never goes out of style. Even if girls go from straight to curly, they just could not help but go back to straight.

Compared to the old days, going from curly to straight is now easier and hassle-free. You can just use a flat iron. Unfortunately, when not used properly, flat irons can damage your beautiful hair. Hair and Beauty Equipment Solutions, Inc. sells high-quality salon equipment in Palm Springs, Florida. Let us tell you some of the mistakes you have been probably making with your flat iron.

  • You never clean your flat iron.

    When you straighten your hair using a flat iron, you do not only use the flat iron itself. You also get help from styling products to achieve that perfect straight hair you are aiming for. These hair products can build up on your flat iron. The residue can snag on your hair, which can eventually cause hair damage. Thus, you have to clean your flat iron every after use.

  • You do not allow your hair to cool.

    Are you the kind of girl who clips their hair immediately after straightening it with a flat iron? We hope not! This can actually damage your hair. You should not immediately put your straightened hair into a ponytail or a clip. Instead, you should allow your hair to cool first.

  • You prefer not to use a brush.

    You may be thinking, "Why should I brush my hair before I iron it? Can I just do it after? It is much easier to brush my hair when it is straight. Right?" False. Brushing your hair before ironing it is a must. You probably do not know that some of the strands of your hair are in knots. This makes it harder to iron your hair. So to get any knots out of the way, brush your hair first.

  • You set your flat iron in the lowest heat setting.

    Every time you use your flat iron, do you put it on the lowest heat setting? Many of you would probably answer YES. Girls, putting your flat iron on the lowest setting cannot protect your hair. As a matter of fact, it can cause damage to your hair. When you put your flat iron on low heat, you have to iron your hair multiple times to smooth it out. Whereas when you put your flat iron at a higher temperature, once can be enough.

  • You buy a cheap and low-quality flat iron.

    When it comes to hair care, your hair deserves the best. Invest in superior-quality products and equipment. There are several shops that sell high-quality salon equipment in Florida. You have to look for one that can cater to your hair needs.

How about you? Do you have anything to share about hair iron mistakes a lot of us are missing? Share it in the comments now!

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