5 Steps to Putting Up a Salon Business


Putting up a salon business nowadays is both easy and difficult. It is easy because there are already businesses you can pattern yours from and it is difficult because the existing ones already have their parts of the market share. You will have to make sure that you start strong to be able to compete. Here are the steps to putting up your own business:

  • Do Your Research. Know the starting capital, required legal documents, and the competition. How big are the other salons and how much are they earning? How much will you have to shell out now and when will you get to breakeven? How many women are in your area? The more data you have to crunch, the better your business decisions.

  • Find a Good Location. In business, location is everything! If you have a map of the city, take note of the good locations and their prices. Check for foot traffic and if they have parking space. Make sure to put yourself in your eventual clients’ shoes. Will it be easy for them to come to your shop and park? Is it a safe place?

  • Secure Required Permits and Documents. Contact your lawyer and accountant to coordinate documents and possible expenses. They will guide you towards the completion of the documents.

  • Advertise. When you’ve already settled all documents required, you can now start putting up your sign that says when you are opening.

  • Freebies. You can also make up your own gimmicks like “Free Haircuts for the First 30 customers” to help boost foot traffic in your shop.

  • Online Social Media Sites. You can also make your online page on social media, like Facebook and Instagram. By paying a small amount, you get to advertise to a specific target. For instance, you could choose to target “Women”, “18-50 years old”, “Palm Springs, Florida”.

  • Flyers. Nothing beats the face-to-face interaction with prospect clients. Hand out flyers to let/ them know when your opening date is and what services you have to offer.

  • Word of Mouth. Start with your family, friends, their friends and family, and the word of mouth will spread like wildfire!

  • Open! This is your time to show your customers why they should be with you—not with any other salon. Make sure your service is consistently great. Your customers will come back all the time.

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